Although trust is my substantive topic of interest, I, in my teaching, like to teach students about my other interest, which is research methods. Teaching this topic allows me to create synergies between research and teaching, have my passion for research spill over to my students, and continuously learn about new methodological developments myself. Accordingly, most of my teaching, both at my previous and my current university, focuses on research methods at various levels (Bachelor/undergraduate, Master/Post-graduate, and PhD). In teaching this topic, I like to place special emphasis on research design – i.e., all phases of a research project preceding the data analysis phase – as I firmly believe that research design choices have a powerful influence on research outcomes, and that research design decisions, once made, may be hard or even impossible to fix in subsequent (e.g., data analysis) stages. In addition to teaching students about research design, my other major teaching effort (at the VU University Amsterdam) consisted of supervising students on their Master Thesis, guiding them through all the stages of an empirical research project.